Media Accreditation


Accreditation for the 2017-18 BBL Championship Season does not begin until August 1st. Any application submitted before August 1st WILL NOT be considered.

The application information submitted will be subject to a review process.

General Information:

- Successful applicants will be notified by BBL via a letter enclosing your credentials within 7 days of receiving the application. Rejected applications will be notified by email. Completing the application form does not automatically guarantee accreditation.

- Applicants must represent a media organisation that produces and publishes original content.

- Club Representatives who apply will not be considered.

- A maximum of 2-3 accreditations per organisation will be granted.

- All applicants must complete the form for themselves and ONLY themselves. Applicants should not apply for accreditation on behalf of other people. Every applicant must apply for accreditation him/herself. Applicants who do apply on behalf of other applicants may not be considered.

- Freelancers must provide examples of original work, printed or digital. Failure to do so can authorise a rejection of application.

- Credentials entitles the bearer access to all BBL club games, excluding the BBL Finals (Cup, Trophy, Play-Off), subject to the agreement of the home club.

- The British Basketball League reserves the right to reject any application it deems unsuitable for media accreditation. There is no appeal process for any rejected application.

- All photographers are required to complete and sign the BBL Photographic Agreement (click here to view as a .pdf document). Failure to do so could result in your application not being considered.

- Any queries please email