All Star Five

Each week of the regular season BBL selects a All Star Five based on the statistical performances in the games played that week.

The team is made up of:

  • Two Guards
  • Guard/Forward
  • Forward
  • Forward/Centre

To be considered for the All Star Five players must first be on the winning team (to make our starting five) and then it is based on statistical performance, the formula for which is as follows:


  • Points x 1
  • Steals x 1
  • Total Rebounds x 1
  • Blocked Shots x 1
  • Assists x 1


  • Missed Field Goals x 1
  • Missed 3pts x 1
  • Missed Free Throws x 1
  • Turnovers x 1
  • Personal Fouls x 1

2017-18 BBL All Star Fives: